Peter Frampton Suffers From Inclusion-Body Myositis

Peter Frampton announced today (Feb. 23) the reason for his farewell tour. In interviews with Rolling Stone and CBS This Morning he said he suffers from inclusion-body myositis (IBM), a degenerative disease that slowly weakens his muscles.

"The reason I'm calling it the 'farewell tour,'" Frampton said, "is because I know that I will be at the top of my game for this tour and I will make it through this and people won't be saying, 'Oh you know, he can't play as good.' I can. But we just don't know for how long."

"There’s no specific treatment for IBM," he said. "They have traditional medicine that is working. They are coming out with some drug trials. I’m hoping to be involved with those. That is something that is in the future. Right now, the only thing that works for me is exercise. I work out like a maniac all the time. It’s strengthening the muscle that I have. It seems to be the best possible thing for IBM is to work out every day."

Knowing at some point that his guitar skills will diminish, he and his band have been working hard to complete their new studio album.

"There’s a double album, but I can’t tell you what it’s about since that would spoil the surprise," he said. "We’re working on sorting out the release. Hopefully that will come out in June when the tour starts. There’s that and another single album that we’re finishing off tracking next week and then after, if I can muster it, we’re going to do yet another project. They’re all different. As I say, I can’t really say what they are since it’s not time."

Frampton hopes he will be well enough to do a short European leg next spring, but for now he's scheduled to conclude his career on Oct. 12 at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, CA, where he'll be surrounded by his loved ones.

"I know that all my kids will be there," he said. "My ex-wives will be there. [Laughs] I hope not. No, they probably will. It’s going to be a party and a celebration of what’s going to come. We’re going to celebrate. We’re not going to look backwards. We’re going to go forward. I know I’ve got so much more to do. It will be an emotional evening, obviously. I have such a great support group. My kids. My ex-wives. [Laughs] I’m very lucky."

Last year we were fortunate enough to be on stage when Peter Frampton was performing at the Concord Pavilion with The Steve Miller Band. We knew at the time it was an honor and a memory we will never forget. Now, with Peters career coming to an end due to his disease, that memory is even more cherished. He has touched many lives and influenced many musicians and he will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Duane C GilletteComment