The Offspring - Tenth Album Is Finished

In an Instagram comment over the weekend, The Offspring’s guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman has confirmed their follow-up album to 2012's "Days Go By" is finished and they are "Working on getting it to the fans now. Stay tuned!"

The album is being produced by Bob Rock, who has worked on the bands last two albums.

In a previous interview with Junkee, Noodles said that The Offspring had been considering releasing their new music on two separate albums. Noodles said, "I think there's a record's worth in there, but we're thinking that maybe the songs are just a little too different,". "We know there's a song or two on every record that comes out of left field for us, but it's more than just a couple this time. Right now, we're entertaining the idea of doing two records — one where we can put all of these, and another of straight-up Offspring songs."

In an interview with Music Feeds in August 2018, Noodles confirmed that The Offspring are without a record label and are looking into various options. "We've been talking with a bunch of different labels and distributors, but so far nothing's really stuck,". "So we're not sure how we're gonna do this. I mean at this point, the way things are distributed, we're thinking we could even maybe do it ourselves."

Duane C Gillette