Styx, Joan Jet & Tesla @ the Toyota Ampitheater

It was a hot summer night, but an awesome show brought to you by 96.9 the Eagle; my favorite radio station. It was MC'ed by radio host Doug Thomas who got the crowd excited and ready for the show. We even ran into another 96.9 radio host Charlie Thomas who I guest DJ'ed with on his show earlier this year. Tesla opened up, our local boys rocked the crowd with a variety of their classics. As the sun set, Joan Jet took the stage with her usual high energy self with incredible vocals and girl power. STYX not only had a great set list, but their stage design and light show took it to another level. They really know how to rock a crowd. They had most people on their feet the entire time. Looking around you could tell everyone was having a blast. Tommy Shaws vocals were pitch perfect, and the chemistry between the band members made great energy and stage presents. We give this show 4 out of 5 stars.  

If you have never been to the Toyota Amphitheater, it's a great venue with ample parking and great acoustics, but it's located in the central valley and it gets hot!. A cool trick is before you are seated run into the bathroom, get several paper towels wet and put them on the back of your neck. When they dry, pour a little more cold water on them to help keep you cool.