REO Speedwagon & Chicago @ the Concord Pavilion

The REO Speed Wagon and Chicago show was great. It's crazy to think REO formed their band in 1967 and are still going strong. Kevin Cronin still is full of energy and sounds just the same. Although the dark brown curly hair is now white, he still has a full head of hair. The set list was full of all our old favorites preformed with lots of emotion. Even though they are all older and nearing their 70's in age, they all are rolling with the changes and rockin just as hard. They did something really special and honored Tom Petty, which in my mind was a really awesome thing to do. The song they sang of Tom's was " Listen to Her Heart ";  it was really cool and they did it justice. As far as Chicago they were still as good as ever. I give the concert 3 out of 5 stars.

The venue was at the Concord Pavilion which is a smaller outside venue and is a hard walk uphill for some, especially on a hotter day. We saw many people resting on the way up. They do have clean bathrooms and nice cold Lemon aid. On the lawn you can spread out and clearly see the stage. Similar to The Shoreline amphitheater just a lot smaller. All in all it's a great place to see a concert.