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The Warfield
982 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102

About The Warfield -

Opened May 13, 1922, The Warfiels was built by showman and theatre chain owner Marcus Loew, who named the showplace after his old friend David Warfield; a native San Franciscan who began as an usher and grew to be one of the greatest silent film actors of his time. Originally called Loew's Warfield, it became the 300th theater in Marcus Loew's growing theater chain.

The lobby features marble, guilt and chandeliers, and opens to a grand staircase to the balcony. The main theater features a lyrical mural above the proscenium arch painted by Albert Herter. The mural contains images of floating matadors and their senoritas, as well as the dismembered head of their animal victim.

In the past, all of the big names in entertainment played on The Warfield's stage, including Al Jolson, Louis Armstrong, and Charlie Chaplin. New Life came to the Warfield in 1979 when Bob Dylan played a two-week run of shows. The venerable hall has been rocking ever since.

 The entertainment in the 1980's ranged from bands such as The Clash, Grateful Dead and U2, to theatrical productions such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Cantonese Opera from China.

The Jerry Garcia Band was the "house band" until Garcia's death in 1995. Prince and David Bowie have graced The Warfield stage. Scenes from the movie The Doors were filmed at The Warfield.

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