All images taken at Slim's


333 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Rock Talk USA Review

We have been to Slim's several times for different shows, and it is a great smaller venue to check out if you are in, or going to the city. Slim's has an open floor on the main level with the stage at one end and a small balcony at the other end. There is some seating on the main level and additional table seating for 30 guests on the balcony where you can sit, relax and order dinner and drinks. The interior is brick with chandeliers and facades that are New Orleans manor inspired. There is a large full bar that along the back wall on the main level. 

Over the years Slim’s has been voted Best Bar & Club, Best Sound and Best Music Venue many times by publications like Pollstar Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle; and we can see why. The staff have alway been accommodating and the audience have always been energized and really into the shows. The sound quality has always been great. If you like the old school rock club feeling of good loud live music, Slim's is definitely someplace you need to check out. 

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