Brickyard Stand up Comedy Review

Although music is a major part of our lives; everyone needs a good laugh. So when we were invited to the first ever comedy show at the Brickyard in Roseville by the General Manager Mark Storm, we of course we said yes... 

The Brickyard is located at 1475 Eureka Rd #120, Roseville, CA. It's just a couple of minutes off Hwy 80, and parking was easy. The venue is a bar and restaurant, with both  food and beverages that are great. The menu for events is limited from their normal menu. We ordered burgers, deserts and drinks The quality and taste was really good. Defiantly above average from the normal Bar / Restaurant combo. The food is like what you would expect to get  at a upscale fine dining. The portions are fairly big and you could easily share a plate. That is what we did. My burger was cooked perfectly and the fries were just right. They do have a "full bar" bar, but the selection is limited to the most popular brands and drinks. I have heard they are working on expanding their selection, so expect more of a selection in the future. I do think the turnout was a little more than expected, The place was packed full of happy faces excited for the awesome line up of comics. Even though there wasn't an empty seat in the house the staff, all of them busted ass to accommodate. They also were friendly and helpful . So kudos to  Mark (the Manager) and the owner, who I watched both caring tables and chairs to make room for everyone that was showing up. Guess word really did get out. We had shared the info about the show on our sites and with friends as well.

As far as the show goes, it was first class! Comedy can be very subjective, but it was clear the crowd was enjoying themselves. Everyone was attentive and cracking up.There was a total of five comedians, with the headliner (Myles Weber) knocking it out of the park sorta speak. We are not trying to take anything away from the other comedians, but we have been to dozens of comedy shows and Myles is on another level. It is obvious when a comedian has experience, charm, and intelligence, Myles has it all . He takes his comedy and the crowd interaction to another level. Not only does Myles roll along with the crowd , but he asks questions and really engages the audience to be part of the show. He makes it different every time. Not many are able to interact with the audiences and be absolutely hilarious with his comebacks and Myles always is .This was a show that not only did we laugh at all night , but also during the driving home and into the next day.

Overall, this was a great show that I would give five stars. With the success of this show, I think The Brickyard is going to become the premier venue in Roseville for comedy (and maybe other live entertainment). They may go through some growing pains, but I know they are ready for the challenge. If you are looking for a great evening out enjoying some good food and side splinting laughs, you need to check out The Brickyard! 

Check out Myles Weber street comedy at the link below.