Ghost Next Door CD Release Party - Great American Music Hall

Last night was a great night of Bay Area Rock-n-Roll at the Great American Music Hall for the CD release party for “The Ghost Next Door”. The night opened with Striplicker; a three piece band with a unique hard sound that incorporates some electronic music sounds. It was hard to believe their hard edge sound was coming from only three people. We are definitely going to check them out again. Second up for the night was “Venting Machine”. The first thing that got our attention before they ever took the stage was the awesome 12 string bass. Once on stage, they shredded it up; just like we like it! Third up was “Dress The Dead “ and as they say three is a charm, well, they were on fire like usual. Lead singer Kayla belted out the mood of the songs that always are melodic, emotional & expressive of the feelings of the lyrics. This band has so much talent that it truly is only a matter of time before they skyrocket forward as so many of the greats that have come before them. They are certainly on that narrow road to being Rock-n-Roll stars. Last up but not least at all “The Ghost next Door” Literally the name did come from frontman Gary living next door to a ghostly entity during his childhood. As a native Northern Californian Gary has evolved into a natural frontman. Taught by some of the greats like Joe Satriani, Gary has a unique style all his own. Big things have been developing for his band; from magazine coverage to multiple interviews on several rock radio shows to their latest album release. Surly all these bands have amazing talent and are all going places. Check out the links below to find out more about all of them.

For those that have never been to The Great American Music Hall, it’s a beautiful historic venue in the heart of San Francisco. Built in 1907, it has been updated and fitted with great sound and lighting systems.

A big thank you as always to Dress The Dead for the invite.

Striplicker: Morgan Tucker - Vocals, Jamie Cronander - Guitar, Devin Nixon - Drums

Venting Machine: Brady Hoover - Vocals. Jeremy Von Epp - Guitar, Joe Tobin -Drums, Jimbo - Bass

Dress The Dead: Kayla Dixon - Vocals, James Walker - Bass, Craig Locicero - Guitar, Dan Delay - Guitar, Mark Hernandez - Drums

The Ghost Next Door: Gary Wendt - Guitar/Vocals, Aaron Asghari - Guitar, Sebastien Castelain - Drums, Noah Whitfield - Bass

Duane C Gillette