Wolves In Argyle/Static & Surrender/Marcy Playground Review

Cornerstone has always been a great venue for live music. They have a fantastic stage and lighting setup along with a top notch sound system. Thursday night was no exception.

As the crowd gathered, Wolves In Argyle took the stage. With the lead vocal of Dave Holmes, Josh Philips on guitar, Joe Garcia on bass, Steve Moriarty on drums and their gritty hard edge sound, the night was under way. Pounding out all original music, their punk music background along with their own hard driving sound rocked the house. The four man band are no newcomers to the music scene. Collectively they have extensive careers in the music industry dating back to the mid 80’s playing for major rock and punk rock bands. You would never know they joined forces just a couple of years ago. Their individual talents and experience mesh together seamlessly on stage to create a sound and stage performance that keep the audience engaged and wanting more.

Static and Surrender consisting of Jeff Campbell (lead vocals, guitar), Adam Schuman (guitar, vocals), Lauren Stockner (bass) & John Schuman (drums) took the stage next. They play all original music that has a new age rock vibe with a great sound and very well written lyrics. Coming from the East Bay, they brought along a large following of fans. It was obvious from the audience singing along to the lyrics and their interaction, Static & Surrender has made their mark on the Bay Area. Having their self titled debut album out, and concert dates coming up throughout the west coast, they are definitely on the right track.

Marcy Playground was the headliner. Unfortunately, we were not able to stay to see their show. From what we have heard, they rocked the house and put on a great performance.

Duane C GilletteComment