Show Us Your Horns (Photo Contest)

Rock Talk USA wants to see your horns. Send us your best concert horn picture and you could win a Rock Talk USA Swag Bag full of rocker garb and much more! 

Contest rules: The photo must be your own, taken by you, listing when and where you took the photo. Photo's can not have text, watermarks or other graphics added to the image. Images can be manipulated how ever you like to show your creativity. Images must be a jpg, png or pdf format and a minimum resolution of 2500x1668. By entering you are releasing rights for to use your image. Credits to the wining photographer will be give when the photo is used. Contest submission ends September 15th 2018. Photo's will be judges by RockTalkUSA and the winner announced on September 18th 2018. 

Send your entry to

Duane C Gillette