Green Druid Covers Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song (video)

Doom band Green Druid released a cover of the Led Zeppelin's “Immigrant Song” as the first in a series of experiments they are calling Will It Doom

The band tackles various popular tracks, slowing them down and converting them into the lower-and-slower Doom genre.

According to guitarist Graham Zander “The idea for Will It Doom – especially with the first episode – came from taking old records and playing them at slower speed.  Once we heard what ‘Immigrant Song’ sounded like at that tempo we started trying it with other riffs to see which ones translated the best.  Sometimes the results were pretty unexpected.”

Recorded in the band's rehearsal studio, the first episode of Will It Doom starts with an explanation. “In June 2018 four ‘men’ got together at Module Overload studio in Denver, Colo., to find out if you can make and riff doomy. This series of short videos document their experiments.”

Duane C GilletteComment