ONOFF & Bad Boy Eddy @ Vinnie's Review

Wow, now that was a great show! Bad Boy Eddy certainly has a large following of cool and devoted fans. All the band members have great energy and lots of personal style that reflects their personalities. They are all seasoned musicians and highly skilled in their playing. With Dave Saker and Rob Peterson on guitars, bassist Steve Jones and Larry Bernal on drums, the guitar led tracks of Bad Boy Eddy provided them with ample time to show off all of their unique talents. But it was the soaring vocals of front man Eddy Vega that really got the full attention of the crowd with his passionate lyrical wisdom, as he led the audience to sing along. Their songs were awesome; with the pounding drums of Larry Bernal, he is SICK with it!!! Steve Jones rumbling bass guitar that made the earth move to guitarists Dave Saker, (who's laid back yet dynamic, not many can even pull that off) and Rob Peterson (Oh man; that beautiful hair, yes us ladies wanna feel it) whose guitar playing style reminded me of the beloved Randy Rhoads. They all brought their “A” game for the hour set onslaught. The incredible musicianship of Bad Boy Eddy's five-man band was jaw-dropping.

Before Bad Boy Eddie, OFFON took the stage. Everyone was saying how much we were going to love them, and yes, they were totally right. All the way from Ireland, this three-man band was spectacular in every way. With a sound similar to Green Day but harder, mixed with a little Hoobastank and some classic Rock-N-Roll; they had our full attention. At times I drifted back in my mind thinking of Phil Lynott (singer for Thin Lizzy and also from Ireland) and how ONOFF’s lead singer and guitarist Paulie reminded me of him in so many ways. From his vocals and charisma to his smooth but aggressive guitar playing; maybe kindred soul from another generation. The fierce energy of their drummer Steve was memorizing to watch, as well as their Bass player Dave who delivered breakneck bass lines with such pulverizing sound, speed and conviction. They are all full of raw energy and great to watch play. We will be keeping our eye's and ears on this band. Believe me, this band is going places!

Opening up for the whole night was a great cover band called Jack Wagon, that knew all the crowds favorites. They got everyone pumped up & ready to Rock out. James on vocals can really belt out some STP & Puddle of Mudd "She Fucking Hates Me" with some real force. We totally enjoyed it. Bass player Mike is full of talent and played those blue strings like they were butter (loved taking his photos). The drummer Zack attacks those skins with conviction and we could tell their guitar player Jim could play several different genres and styles of music just by the way he plucked those stings. 

As far as the venue, it is top notch. The place is a good size; clean and well lit with very comfortable seating (booths, tables with chairs and bar stools at the bar). The food was really good and the service was awesome. There was plenty to choose from on the menu and it came out fast, fresh and full of flavor with plenty of condiments. The drinks were perfect and the bar tenders were friendly. They defiantly know how to make good drinks! We got to meet the owner Genie, who was very nice and obviously proud of her establishment, as she should be. Everyone that works there, from the owner to security at the door, really care about costumer service and making sure people have a great experience. 

One of the coolest things about last night was that there was every age group of show goers. Everyone was having a blast; singing, dancing, visiting with friends and making new ones. So very thankful for the invite to the show and to AKA Concerts. It was a real pleasure meeting each and every one of you and we look forward to following your shows and listening to your awesome music. We most definitely recommend Vinnie's and will be back for more awesome shows.