Dress The Dead - Crappy Comments


Heavy metal band Dress The Dead asked for our help in doing a spoof based off of the Jimmy Kimmel segment Mean Tweets. Although most of the feedback Dress The Dead gets are positive, there are always those haters (usually jealous) that have to talk shit. When we arrived at their rehearsal studio, the plan was to do a live facebook stream of them reading the “crappy comments” that some have written. After further discussion we decided to record it so further editing and arranging could be done. The band liked the raw feeling of the initial footage, so many things were left unedited to keep it more natural. Other band members picked the comments that were to be read, so nothing was rehearsed or pre-read, but there were some bloopers (watch till the end of the video). Their responses to what they read were completely natural. So make yourself a beverage, throw your feet up and check out the video below for a good laugh…

Duane C Gillette