Media Services

Rock Talk USA is more than just a radio show. We offer a full array of services for bands to help promote and market them in a professional and unique way. With thousands of bands fighting for many of the same record labels and audience, todays bands need to think outside the box and have promotional materials that are as good as the music they create to get noticed.


Concert Photography

We live in an online and social media world where people are regularly posting cell phone and amateur quality pictures. Taking pictures in dimly lit venues with musicians moving around takes the right equipment and knowledge to capture great pictures. Promoting yourself online with quality images is one of the best investments any band can make.

PR Photography.jpg

Concert Photography

The internet and social media are the best way for any band to promote themselves, attract new fans and get recognized for the music they create, but to be successful, it needs to be done in a professional manner. People go to live shows not only to hear the music, but to experience the show. Cell phone and amateur looking pictures of your band do not show your band in a way that attracts the audience.

Promotional and Album Photography

Press Kits are one of the most important pieces of marketing materials a band can have for promoting their shows, tours, singles or albums. They need to represent that your band knows what they are doing and headed in the right direction. Album photography is ofter made into posters, graphics for tee shirts and much more. Well thought out images that are creative and represent you band are crucial and could determine whether your product sells.